ERA Ratification: Overview for Virginia Businesses

Increasing certainty. The Virginia state constitution has provided for equal rights for 47 years, with GDP expanding and our values renowned. Federal alignment will increase certainty and efficiency for businesses in HR, hiring, and attracting investment.

Signaling a modern economy. Ratification will show that Virginia has a professional culture that appeals to modern companies and their employees. Virginia benefited significantly when companies, events, and the NCAA boycotted a neighboring state due to its “bathroom bill.” Ratification will reinforce, for employers considering new headquarters or expansions, the fact that “Virginia is open for business.”

The nation will benefit from Virginia values. In light of Virginia’s historic role drafting individual rights into the first ten Amendments, and the value of equal rights in our state constitution, the Commonwealth is a fitting state to take this important Amendment across the finish line.

Equal rights benefit businesses and the economy. As found by McKinsey, PwC, and Deloitte, gender parity benefits productivity, net profits, and gross domestic product.

The following overviews by VERC and the global law firm Winston & Strawn LLP summarize benefits for businesses, reasons for ratification, and common questions.

One Page Business Presentation

Analysis of the Equal Rights Amendment for Virginia Businesses

ERA-Common-Legal-Questions from Winston & Strawn LLP

Virginia can still ratify. The states of Nevada and Illinois ratified the Amendment in 2017 and 2018.  Virginia’s ratification effort is supported by the American Bar Association, representing 400,000 attorneys. Members of Congress have filed bipartisan legislation to ensure that ratifications occurring now will be counted. The so-called “Madison Amendment,” the 27th Amendment of our Constitution, was fully ratified 203 years after it was first introduced. Time need not bar full ratification.